Mr. New England Leather 2019 contest rules, information & judge announcement:

MrNEL19: NOVEMBER 16-18, 2018!

Download the contest rules and application HERE.

Please send completed contestant applications to info@FullKitGear.com

Please submit your application or intention to arrive with a printed version no later than Friday, November 17th at 9PM.

Each contestant will complete and submit an application that will contain information to be given to the judges and MC. Friday evening; the contestants will pick numerical order on stage during the Meet and Greet and will be required to be at the Meet and Greet by 10pm. The contest itself will begin at 9pm on Saturday night with interviews starting the afternoon of the same day. The winner of the Mr New England Leather contest will represent the region at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago the May following his win. An airfare and lodging stipend will be awarded to the winner in addition to a title sash and back patch. 

 The winner will represent the leather community of New England for one year, compete at International Mister Leather, participate in a minimum of three charitable events in at least three different New England states, and represent Full Kit Gear & Crown & Anchor as sponsors during IML.
Mirroring the guidelines of International Mister Leather, to compete for Mr. New England Leather, contestants must identify as male and  be 21 years of age or older as of May 1st the following year to quality for IML registration.
The Mr. New England Leather contest will have five to seven judges and an appointed Tally Master who will manage calculation and results of the vote tally. The scores of the judges will be added for each category with the highest and lowest scores eliminated. There are five categories with a maximum of 100 points obtained from each judge per category. After all parts of the contest are judged, the scores of each section are totaled and the contestant with the highest score is the winner. The next highest score is the First runner-up and the next is the Second runner-up. In case of a tie for first place, all judges will take a closed ballot to break the tie.
All contestants and judges are asked to be at the Vault by 10pm on Friday for the meet and greet, where the contestant numbers will be picked on stage at 11PM. The contest will take place on Saturday evening, promptly at 9pm at Paramount Nightclub.
JUDGED CATEGORIES (In order of occurrence)

    Individual interviews (0 – 100 possible points maximum per judge)
Starting Saturday afternoon, each contestant will meet privately with the panel of judges to be asked question about lifestyle, your interests, community involvement and availability to represent the leather community. You will be scored for intelligence, attitude, personality, and ability to communicate. This also applies to aptitude as a spokesperson for the leather community in New England, and to represent New England at the IML contest in Chicago.

2.    Leather Image – Introductions: (0 – 100 Points per Judge)
Each contestant will be introduced and will walk the stage in cruising attire or apparel of his choice. This sets the tone for the image you wish to present as Mr. New England Leather. All contestants will return to the stage after the introductions. Contestants are required to accurately fill out a data sheet on themselves so the MC can read parts to the audience.

3.    Random Question – (0 – 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be introduced and have the microphone to speak to the audience for no more than 90 seconds. This is where contestants will answer a lighthearted question. Time will be given for a quick change if desired.

4.     Physique – (0  - 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be individually introduced wearing as little as is allowed by law or as he chooses. He must move about the stage to display, to the judges, his physique. The contestant may use props to exhibit and sexual kink or fetish.

5.    Who are you? (90 Second Free Speech) (0 – 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be given  90 seconds on stage to express themselves. Do you want to speak to a personal stance in the community, make a pitch for why you’d like to represent New England’s leather community or perform a talent (no pyrotechnics please)? That’s your call. Show the judges and audience who you are. Make them smile, make them take notice, make them laugh, make them fall in love with you!


Mr. New England Leather 2019 Judging Panel

Rob Birch, Mr. New England Leather 2018

I am a native New Englander - born in Boston, raised in New Hampshire.  Being a child of the 50's, being gay was something that one had to hide.  After college I left New England, deciding that life in a "big city" would be better.  Houston, Texas proved to be a magnet for many reasons in the mid 70's.  Most importantly it had a large gay population!  This is where I first encountered the leather community.  I was both fascinated and intimidated by the "Drum" -one of several leather bars in Montrose - the gay ghetto.  Life and work took me from Houston and Texas, back to the northeast and to a quiet town in Vermont.  The leather man inside me stayed dormant as there were NO leather bars anywhere near Fairlee, Vermont.  

It was not until I moved to Cape Cod in 2014 that I finally was able to explore my leather side.  A very dear friend gave me several leather garments, thus I became hooked!  Also being able to experience the various leather events brought me into the leather community.  As it turns out Leather Men are perhaps the most accepting and welcoming group of men that I have encountered!  I felt compelled to enter Mr. New England Leather in 2015, but finished last. I did compete in several other contests and won my title in the fall of 2017 becoming Mr. New England Leather for 2018!  It has truly been an amazing year.  Though I might lack what other title holders have in their leather community resumes, I more than make up for that in the positive energy and love that I have both felt and given as a member of the Leather Community.


Girl Complex, Ms. International Leather 2018

Complex is a self described petty, black feminist and womanist. A product of their environment, Complex has been able to define what it means to be proud, black, kinky and leather on their own terms. As International Ms. Leather 2017, their title year was dedicated to making sure black girl magic could thrive in all forms, allowing both their tomboy and femme adjacent presentations to be shown fluidly. Pantheon of Leather 2018 Woman of the Year and proud official handler of Pup Luck from Iowa, they have started building a pack of pups that they love called the Unpack Pack. If they have to be embarrassed about something, it is that their girl Vivian belongs to them as well. They maintain a hard stance against false allies and anyone else who "perps the fraud", that is old people speak for “they have no time for fake ones”. You can catch them sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime in Oakland, CA.


Noah von Ark, Mr. New England Rubber 2018
Noah von Ark (known as Pup Gear) is Mr. New England Rubber 2018, representing those who enjoy shiny, stretchy and lubey things throughout the New England region. Gear has been into kink since a teenager – giving new meaning to the phrase “dark ages”. Gear enjoys many facets of the kink rainbow, including being a chew toy to some and squeaky toy to many, puppy play, bondage, impact play, breath control, mummification and watersports. Gear’s favorite gear includes rubber, leather, sneakers, trackies, down outerwear and sports gear. Gear is also Emperor 11 of Massachusetts and during his reign year helped raise $30,000 for charities both in New England and nationally. He lives in Boston with his partners Sir Erick and beta pup Copper. He thanks the organizers of the Mr. New England Leather contest for the honor of serving as a judge at this year’s event.

Troy Anicete

Troy Anicete, a native San Franciscan, was the 25th in a long line of Mr. San Francisco Leather.
Troy has been active in the leather scene since the early 80's, having step foot into his first leather bar, The BRIG at the age of 18, known now as the POWERHOUSE Bar in San Francisco.

He began his design/tailoring career at Image Leather in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles in 1985. While in LA, Troy founded Troy Anicete Designs, worked with Mikal “Daddy Zeus” Bales at Zeus Studios and geared up International Mr. Leather 1989 winner Guy Baldwin and more recently, Patrick Smith, IML 2015.

Troy also appeared as Mr. May/Back Cover on the 2003 South Of Market Bare Chest Calendar, which help raised funds for Positive Resources Center and continues to work with and support non-profit organizations. He also produced and sponsored the Mr. Powerhouse Leather Contest, a title he held in 2003.

For over 30 plus years, Troy Anicete Designs has continued to redefine the look of leather, being sought after for its original designs. Troy continues to support leather contest and sponsoring numerous contestants. After 14 years of his relocation back to San Francisco, Troy now resides full time in New York City and his work/designs can be seen on Broadway, the musical King Kong and TV/Film, the Emmy Award Winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Christopher Daniel, Montpelier, Vermont

Chris grew up in Minnesota and relocated to Vermont in 2000. He lives in Montpelier with his husband and their 9-year-old son. He's been a kinkster since his college days and is the Secretary of Vermont's Green Mountain Bucks. He's excited to represent his home club at this awesome event.

Jason Greene

Jason Greene is the Men’s Health Project Manager for the ASGCC Drop-in Center (AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod’s new health screening office, located at 148a Commercial Street in Provincetown).  Jason moved to Provincetown in March 2018 to begin this position at ASGCC.  In this role he oversees services provided at the Drop-in Center, including cost-free HIV/STI screenings and testing, expedited access to PrEP (including programs that eliminate financial barriers to PrEP), Narcan training and distribution, and clean syringe access.

Jason is from rural North Carolina, which has markedly more four-wheelers and horses than does Provincetown!  He has lived some groovy places outside of NC, but he thinks Ptown is by far the coolest.  He has recently enjoyed his first summer in Ptown and is looking forward to his first New England winter.

This is Jason’s first Mr. New England Leather, and he is thrilled to be on the judging panel.



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