Mr. New England Leather 2018 contest rules, information & judge announcement:

MrNEL18: NOVEMBER 17-19, 2017!

Download the contest rules and application HERE.

Please send completed contestant applications to info@FullKitGear.com

Please submit your application or intention to arrive with a printed version no later than Friday, November 17th at 9PM.

Each contestant will complete and submit an application that will contain information to be given to the judges and MC. Friday evening; the contestants will pick numerical order on stage during the Meet and Greet and will be required to be at the Meet and Greet by 10pm. The contest itself will begin at 9pm on Saturday night with interviews starting the afternoon of the same day. The winner of the Mr New England Leather contest will represent the region at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago the May following his win.  A prize package including IML airfare and lodging will be awarded to the winner in addition to a title patch and sash, a prize package guaranteed by Full Kit Gear and The Crown & Anchor.

 The winner will represent the leather community of New England for one year, compete at International Mister Leather, participate in a minimum of three charitable events in at least three different New England states, and represent Full Kit Gear & Crown & Anchor as sponsors during IML.
Mirroring the guidelines of International Mister Leather, to compete for Mr. New England Leather, contestants must identify as male and  be 21 years of age or older as of May 1st the following year to quality for IML registration.
The Mr. New England Leather contest will have five to seven judges and an appointed Tally Master who will manage calculation and results of the vote tally. The scores of the judges will be added for each category with the highest and lowest scores eliminated. There are five categories with a maximum of 100 points obtained from each judge per category. After all parts of the contest are judged, the scores of each section are totaled and the contestant with the highest score is the winner. The next highest score is the First runner-up and the next is the Second runner-up. In case of a tie for first place, all judges will take a closed ballot to break the tie.
All contestants and judges are asked to be at the Vault by 10pm on Friday for the meet and greet, where the contestant numbers will be picked on stage at 11PM. The contest will take place on Saturday evening, promptly at 9pm at Paramount Nightclub.
JUDGED CATEGORIES (In order of occurrence)

    Individual interviews (0 – 100 possible points maximum per judge)
Starting Saturday afternoon, each contestant will meet privately with the panel of judges to be asked question about lifestyle, your interests, community involvement and availability to represent the leather community. You will be scored for intelligence, attitude, personality, and ability to communicate. This also applies to aptitude as a spokesperson for the leather community in New England, and to represent New England at the IML contest in Chicago.

2.    Leather Image – Introductions: (0 – 100 Points per Judge)
Each contestant will be introduced and will walk the stage in cruising attire or apparel of his choice. This sets the tone for the image you wish to present as Mr. New England Leather. All contestants will return to the stage after the introductions. Contestants are required to accurately fill out a data sheet on themselves so the MC can read parts to the audience.

3.    Random Question – (0 – 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be introduced and have the microphone to speak to the audience for no more than 90 seconds. This is where contestants will answer a lighthearted question. Time will be given for a quick change if desired.

4.     Physique – (0  - 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be individually introduced wearing as little as is allowed by law or as he chooses. He must move about the stage to display, to the judges, his physique. The contestant may use props to exhibit and sexual kink or fetish.

5.    Who are you? (90 Second Free Speech) (0 – 100 points per judge)
Each contestant will be given  90 seconds on stage to express themselves. Do you want to speak to a personal stance in the community, make a pitch for why you’d like to represent New England’s leather community or perform a talent (no pyrotechnics please)? That’s your call. Show the judges and audience who you are. Make them smile, make them take notice, make them laugh, make them fall in love with you!


Mr. New England Leather 2018 Judging Panel

Russ Sweeney

Russell is from Boston, Massachusetts where he lives with his partner of 23 years. He first got into leather while attending catholic grade school in Connecticut. “Outerwear was the only expression of self!” We all had to wear uniforms but it was the older boys who wore leather jackets.” Russell has been into leather ever since. Always in the shadows it wasn’t until he attended his first major leather event in Provincetown, MA Mates Leather Weekend that he received the title of First Mate 2016. From there he went on to compete in and win Mr. New England Leather 2017. 
Russell is a versatile man who tirelessly explores the world of leather, fetish and kink. He is collector of vintage leather and gear.
In his title year, he has helped Aids Care Ocean State, Mr. Friendly, BAGLY and has donated time to the History Project. He has also hosted BLUF at the Providence Eagle and volunteered at Snowbound in Provincetown, MA. 

Ryan “Pawlish” Garner Carpenter, International Mr. Bootblack 2017

Pawlish, International Mr. Bootblack 2017, is passionate about learning and mentorship—fostered by his years at a particularly "fruity" company. After 18 moves across 3 continents, what he’s learned is to stay hungry, and IT for an SF startup fits that bill… for now. That hunger also persists when it comes to Leather & kink, where he loves discussing social impact and challenging others’ perspectives. He’s found resonance with puppy play, bootblacking, and Sir/Daddy roles. Navy, red, and houndstooth, all on the left are his favorite hankies, but don’t be afraid to ask about others! You can find him wagging away while putting a shine to a boot, snacking on whatever he’s recently baked. Pawlish lives in Cincinnati with his husband, Bamm-Bamm.

Kylon Hooks

Kylon Hooks is a native of Northeastern Ohio who discovered his passion for Leather and kink at the young age of 18. Since that time he's been an activist and advocate for T/GNC and LGB youth, HIV and AIDS destigmatization, and working toward a more sex-positive, body-positive, kink-positive community and world.

Kylon is a long-time accomplice in youth work, helping to magnify and uplift the voices of T/GNC and LGB youth, youth of color, and youth experiencing housing instability. As such, he currently sits on the board of directors for the Youth Empowerment Performance Project, a theatrical and performance art project centered on the lived experiences of these same youth. He also dedicates several hours a week to teaching young, queer folks about Anti-oppression, Transformative and Restorative Justice, Harm Reduction, and Sex and Body-Positivity.

As an advocate for the destigmatization of HIV and AIDS, Kylon has helped in the design and implementation of HIV interventions with young, queer, men of color and trans women of color. He continues to vocalize his support of both PrEP and PEP as effective tools in the prevention toolkit. He also encourages folks to always now their status.

Kylon is one of the Founding Fathers of LORE (Leathermen Of Recovery), the Midwest's kinky club for Leathermen, actively involved in 12-step recovery. As a service Top, he continues to mentor up and coming Leathermen in their journey of leather, sobriety, or both. In being of service this past year, he has served as a Den Daddy, contest Co-Emcee, favored D.I.L.F. and Brüt Party Host, and an IML Contestant Handler. 

A Daddy to many, Sir to few, and boy...on a *rare* occasion, Kylon believes in doing leather *his* way and looks forward to serving as a judge for Mr.New England Leather, this year.


Steve Katsurinis

Steve Katsurinis is an innkeeper and restaurant owner in Provincetown with his husband, Brandon. He serves as Chair of the Board of the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod and serves on other non-profit and town boards. Steve is excited to support Mr. New England Leather and proud to serve as a Judge for the 2017 contest. 


Mark Lefebvre (Pup Copper)

Mark Lefebvre has been active in the fetish community since 2000 and is a founding member of The New England Rubber Men - also holding the title of Mr. New England Rubber 2014.

Mark first came to kink at an early age with a love of leather gloves. Since then, he has explored many facets of BDSM. Though a rubber fetishist at heart with nearly two decades of involvement within the community, Mark also can be found in leather from time to time. In fact, over the years he’s given Eva Peron a run for her money, visiting more than a dozen states on his own personal Rainbow Tour, spreading the joys of kink – and inviting others to taste his rainbow. Mark has used his talents to further tour regional kink contests as a boy-of-all-trade, be it judge’s boy, tally boy or judgey boy, for Mr. Connecticut Leather, Mr. New England Leather, Mr. New England Rubber and FLAG.

In addition to rubber and leather, Mark enjoys creative mummification and puppy play. He resides in Boston and is collared by Sir Erick and Alpha Pup Gear. 

Mark is registered at Home Depot, Lowes, Pet Smart and the plastics aisle of the Provincetown Stop & Shop.


Questions, Sponsorships & Requests: info@FullKitGear.com